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Technical Program

  • SMBE (SA) has a technical meeting almost every month
  • All guests are most welcome to come along

The Joint Technical Program is provided by SMBE (SA) in conjunction with our close partners

  • EngAust CBmE - Engineers Australia's College of Biomedical Engineers, and
  • ACPSEM - Australasian College of Physical Scientists & Engineers in Medicine

Technical Program


Thursday 9 May 2013

Operating Theatre Technology, Stryker i-Suite
Richard Denton, SA BME.







Wed 11th April 2012

IET Retired Engineers Lasers in Ophthalmology
Speaker:Dr Stewart Lake

Wed 15th Feb 2012

Site visit: Ellex Medical The use of Ellex lasers in eye surgery
Speaker:David Harhoff

Wed 7th Mar 2012

Site visit: Hexapod Robot with 6 degrees of freedom, Flinders University
Speakers: John Cost, Richard Stanley, Ben Cazzolato, Boyin Ding
(RSVP to address on flier)



Tues 12th April 2011

Rehabilitation robotics: can technology assist the recovery of motor function?
Speaker: Dr Ben Patritti, South Australian Movement Analysis Centre

Tues 3rd May 2011

Muscle and Joint Function in Human Locomotion
Speaker: Prof Marcus Pandy University of Melbourne

Tues 7th Jun 2011

Robotic Surgey: The intuitive Da Vinci surgical system
Site visit: RAH Speaker: Dominic Breuker, Device Technologies RSVP numbers limited
Mon 22nd August 2011 AGM with Guest eminent speaker, direct from EPSM-ABEC 2011
Dr Joe SmithMedicine & Engineering: A difficult marriage with beautiful children

Waverly House, St Andrews Hospital, South Terrace RSVP
14-18 August 2011

EPSM-ABEC 2011, Darwin (website)
Have you booked your accomodation yet?



Tues 16 Feb 2010 Andrew Tonkin, Terumo technical update
Tues 11 May 2010 Got something to say about AS3003?
Stuart Clifton will be discussing AS/NZS3003 - Electrical Installations – Patient Areas
Wed 12 May 2010 The evolution of improved pulse oximetry and the impact on clinical performance and opportunities.
Speaker: Paul Mannheimer, Nellcor/Covidien
Tues 22 Jun 2010 Patently Obvious? Biomedical Engineering Excursions into the Intellectual Property Maze
Speaker: John Brydon
Tues 3rd Aug 2010

The biomechanical evaluation of surgical and conservative interventions for osteoarthritis 
Speaker: Dr Dominic Thewlis, UniSA

21st Sept 2010

EEG Signal Processing - Epilepsy and the Brain
Speaker: A/Prof Kenneth Pope

Mon 8th Nov 2010

The 2010 Student Papers Night
A Public Speaking Competition for Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics Students

5-9th Dec 2010 EPSM-ABEC 2010, Melbourne
Its all about the coffee (website)



29Mar-1Apr 2009 NSW Country Biomedical Engineering Training Seminar and Conference
Canberra, ACT (Details see NSW website)
Wed 29 Apr 2009 Fullbright Scholarship: Investigaing the use of FES to improve function and movement in children with Cerebral Palsy.
Speaker: David Hobbs
Tues12 May Site visit: Signostics & Signos personal ultrasound at the new BioIncubatorSA
Speaker CEO Stewart Bartlett
Tues 19 May T-rays for Biosensors, Uni Adl (IET Joint Electrical Program)
Wed 27 May Karen Reynolds & the MDPP, Medical Device Partnering Program
Tues 21 July Site visit: Key Tubing and Electrical Industries tour by Terry Rogers
Wed 9 Sept Jeremy Austin, Adl Uni talking about:"Reconstructing the past to inform the present: ancient DNA analysis of extinct and threatened species"
followed by SMBE AGM
Wed 7 Oct

Dr Hala Zreiqat (UniSyd) will be speaking about “Addressing the need to improve and engineer better biomaterials?”

Fri 6 Nov Expo: Flinders Uni final year projects including biomedical projects
8-12 Nov 2009 EPSM-ABEC 2009 incorporating Australian Biomedical Engineering Conference: Back to the future in Health Care Technology. Canberra, ACT (Details on Conferences page)
Wed 18 Nov 2009 David Dewhurst Award presentation to Prof Andrew Downing
Jim Keller, ECRI: Real Time Locating Systems - Finding your way to the best solution. Eng Aust Eminent Speaker Presentation.
Tues 8th Dec Xmas Dinner at The Earl
Thurs 10th Dec 2009 Student Papers Night A Public Speaking Competition for Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics Students (Honours level and above)


Wed 9 Apr 2008 Will you be wearing your computer soon? Prof Bruce H. Thomas, Dir Wearable Computer Lab, UniSA
RSVP: David Hobbs
31Mar-2Apr 2008 NSW Country Biomedical Engineering Training Seminar and Conference
Dubbo, NSW (Details see NSW website)
Mon 21 April Special dinner in recognition of contribution of retiring members
Knut Gassmanis & Kevin O"Brien RSVP Anne-Louise Smith
Tues 13&20 May Site Visit: Krix Loudspeakers
Wed 11 Jun 2008

Sports Engineering at Uni Adl Prof Colin Hansen, Head Sch Mech Eng & A/Prof Richard Kelso, Coord Sports Eng program
Contact Tam Nguyen

Tues 26 Aug 2008 The Australian Synchrotron - Opportunites in Biomedical Research
Hugh Harris, Chair of SA Synchrotron Committee RSVP Wendy Tuckwell
Tues 16 Sept 2008 Site visit: SA Ambulance Emergency Operations Centre
Tues 21 Oct 2008 Site visit: Whole body 3D scanner at FMC
Wed 5 Nov 2008 2008 Student Papers Night A Public Speaking Competition for Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics Students (Honours level and above)
Fri 7 Nov 2008 Engineering Honours Project EXPO 2008, Engineering Building, Flinders Uni. See work being conducted by engineering students, including biomedical projects. 11am to 4:30pm
16-20 Nov 2008 EPSM-ABEC 2008 incorporating Australian Biomedical Engineering Conference: Innovations in Patient Care
Christchurch, New Zealand Website
Wed 26 Nov 2008

Todd Cooper, straight from NZ EPSM-ABEC 2008 (supported by Eng Aust & GE Healthcare)
SMBE AGM Presentation on Hot Topics page

TBA Dec Xmas Dinner at a mystery location and a mystery date


TBA 2007

Networking event: BelairBBQ
RSVP Robin Woolford- see flier (Pdf xxkb)

26-28 Mar 2007

NSW Country Biomedical Engineering Training Seminar and Conference
Gosford, NSW (Details see NSW website)

19 Jun 2007

Low dose radiation: A cancer risk? Guest speaker: Peter Collins
What is the risk of low-level ionising radiation? What defences does the body have against it?
Royal Adelaide Hospital, RSVP

31 Jul 2007 Keith Baldry, Director EPA: Experiences with radiation protection in the nuclear, non-medical field. Experiences from fifteen years decommissioning reactors, reprocessing fuel, cleaning up a nuclear weapons test sites, and stabilising the Chernobyl shelter
Wed 15 August 2007

AGM: Guest speaker Prof Guy Maddern: "Surgery 2027: Star trek or unemployment?"
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, RSVP:

Wed 21 Aug 2007 Engineering Week: Andrew Botros a Biomedical Engineer awarded National Young Professional Engineer of the Year 2006. Origins in engineering musical instruments, professional life in the cochlear implant industry, and today's importance and influence of the young engineer. Engineering House, Bagot St.
14-18 Oct 2007

epsm-abec 2007 incorporating Australian Biomedical Engineering Conference
Fremantle, Perth

Mon 22 Oct 2007 Guest speaker direct from epsm-abec 2007: Elliot Sloane: When does clinical equipment become an IT system and who manages it? Engineering House, Bagot St. RSVP:
Tues 30 Oct 2007

Dr John Costi, Department of Orthopaedics, Repatriation General Hospital: A novel technique to measure internal strains in the intevertebral disc in-vitro.

Fri 2nd Nov 2007 Engineering Honours Project EXPO 2007, Engineering Building, Flinders Uni. See work being conducted by engineering students, including biomedical projects. 11am to 4:30pm. Contact Ruth Mitchell 8201 3600 for more info.
Mon 12 Nov 2007 2007 Student Papers Night: A Public Speaking Competition for Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics Students (Honours level and above)
Wed 14 Nov 2007

Site visit: Motion Analysis Service, Gait Lab Clinic at the Repat Hospital
Visit this newly acquired purpose-built Lab with VICON MX system with eight MX3 camera, 4x AMTI force plates, and EMG RSVP:

Wed 12 Dec 2007 Xmas dinner: The British Hotel, 58 Finniss St, North Adelaide RSVP:


Sun 19th Mar 2006

Networking event: Winery BBQ
Seppeltsfield Winery
RSVP Michael Ledgard

Tues 21st Mar 2006

Site visit: State-of-the-Art Endoscopic Reference Suite
Speaker: Chris Dry, Stenning
Numbers limited RSVP Michael Ledgard

Thur 18th May 2006

Amazing Human Body Exhibition
Human bodiespreserved with plastination touring Australia
RSVP Anne-Louise Smith

18th July 2006

Site visit: Royal Society of the Blind
Visit the adaptive technology centre for the vision impaired

Tues 29th August 2006

AGM: Guest speaker Prof Richard Hillis
Hot Rock Geothermal Energy: Towards a Clean, Green South Australian Energy Source
Einsteins Cafe RSVP Robin Woolford

17-21 Sept 2006

EPSM 2006 incorporating ABEC (Australian Biomedical Engineering Conference)
Noosa, QLD

Mon 25th Sept 2006 Guest speaker: Tim Ritter, Senior Project Engineer, ECRI, Philadelphia, USA
Preventive Maintenance: Why? Tim will give a selection of the plenary talks he gave toABEC 2006
Wed 18 Oct 2006

Basics of MRI imaging Quantitation in structural (T1 & T2 weighted) MRI scans of brain
Speakers: Leighton Bardeen & Daniel Badger, Dept Nuc Med, QEH
RSVP Paul Reich 8222 5658

Thurs 9 Nov 2006 2006 Student Papers Night: A Public Speaking Competition for Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics Students (Honours level and above)
Tues 28 Nov 2006 Xmas dinner
TBA Dec 2006 Neil Piller
Developments in Lymphoedema Assessment and Treatment


Tues 22nd Feb
  • Site Visit: Repatriation Sleep Studies Unit
    The RGH Sleep Studies Unit is equipped to diagnose and manage sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, sleep hypoventilation and insomnia. Peter Catcheside, Senior Medical Scientist, will talk about the equipment used and research projects currently underway within the unit.
    Register by email:
Tues 22nd Mar
  • Site Visit: Anatomy Museum at Flinders Medical Centre
    The Dept of Anatomy & Histology is proud to have one of the best museums in australia for the teaching of anatomy, featuring dissections from the human body (kindly donated by South Australians).
    Register by email:
Tues 26th April
  • Work as an Accident Investigation Engineer, Chris Hall
    Accident reconstruction, occupant kinematics, seating locations related to injury patterns, forces in low level impacts, and injury prediction. Also design criteria adopted for changes to racing safety items at the Albert Park F1 circuit and the research being undertaken, in conjunction with Motorcycling Australia, into energy absorbing barriers and safe circuit design for motorcycle racing.
    Contact David Hobbs: or phone 8243 8338
    Chapman Hall, Engineering House, 11 Bagot Street, North Adelaide
Tues 26th July
  • Site Visit: CSIRO Manufacturing & Infrastructure Technology (CMIT)
    Biomedical Applications being developed at CSIRO
    Dr Mike Painter - Stress shielding in orthopedic implantation & implant design
    Dr Richard Morgans - Self repairing structures - fact or fiction
    Dr Joe Cavallaro - Modifying Titanium surfaces for biomedical applications
    RSVP Robin Woolford: or phone 8204 5242
Tues 9th Aug
  • AGM featuring the hybrid car Toyota Prius
    Guest speaker Craig Stewart
23-27th Oct
  • Australian Biomedical Engineering Conference
    Town Hall, Adelaide
Mon 14th Nov
  • Postgraduate Student Papers
Tues 6th Dec
  • Xmas dinner


Tues 24th Feb


Biomedical Experiences in PNG & Cambodia
Noel Kitto: Medical Equipment Management Project in the Pacific PNG, and David Hobbs: The Development and Teaching of Mechanics and Biomechanics in Cambodia
Tues 30th March Marion Megaplex Projection Room & Museum Tour
Behind the scenes tour of world's largest projection room (225m long). Learn about modern cinema technology & antique projection equipment.
RSVP 19 Mar - Meet at top of escalators to cinema complex
Tues 25th May Rehabilitation Engineering at Regency Park CCA
Visit of the newly renovated site where wheel chairs are tested till they drop and orthotic legs are put through their paces. See some of the latest electronic devices for communicating and controlling your home
Tues 22nd June Entech Electronic Manufacturing Site visit
RSVP by email
(Limited to 20 members)
Thurs 24th June Gel Dosimetry
Mahdava Bhat
Thurs 12th Aug

Whats new with radiation and where are we being dragged to?
News from IRPA-11 Conference.
Dr Giovanni Bibbo reviews conventional wisdom and presents new evidence from the May 2004 IRPA Conference

Tues 17th Aug Clinical Simulation Unit, Flinders School of Medicine
Learn how medical students and health professionals are trained with the skills to save your life before they must apply it to a life-threatening situation. Register by email.
Tues 21st Sept The Sense of Smell and Artificial Nose Technology
Mr Richard Gawal, Recognose, will look at the sense of smell. It is a system that rivals the best in terms of sensitivity and range, and as much, designing artificial systems to mimic it is a hotbed of research.
Wed 6th Oct Biomedical Technology in Papua New Guinea
Hear Dr David Mills talking about his experiences in a remote PNG hospital and from medical students, Andrew Perry and Jan-Paul Kwasik, who trained under him in their holidays.
Wed 27th Oct Post Graduate Student Papers Night
A public speaking competition for Post Grad Students
Thurs 25th Nov Low Doserate Prostate Brachytherapy
Ralph Nicholls


25 Mar Brain SPECT. Has it come of age? Optimised Processing, Statistical Mapping and a Proof of the Pudding
Leighton Barnden, PhD., The Queen Elizabeth Hospital
15 Apr ISim - An Intubation Simulator Greg Ruthenbeck, Sydac - Engineering Honours Project presentation
An Introduction to Sydac Adrian Smith, Chief Executive, Sydac
27 May A Vision for Rehabilitation Engineering in Australia Dr Lloyd Walker, PhD., Director, Regency Park Rehabilitation Engineering
17 June Biomedical Engineering experiences in Malaysia and Brunei Tony Carlisle & Anne-Louise Smith, Biomedical Engineering Department, Flinders Medical Centre
22 July  
Aug World Congress 2004, Sydney
23 Sep Networking night and de-brief from the World Congress in Sydney
21 Oct Post Graduate Student Papers Night - a public speaking competition for Post Grad Students




6 February What will Digital TV offer South Australians?
Bob McCullough, Technical Services Manager, ABC
27 March Craniofacial Imaging and Models
Dr. David J. Netherway, Apex Research Fellow, The Australian Craniofacial Unit


7 March Monitoring Volatile Anaethetic agents
Dr John Russell Dept of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, Royal Adelaide Hospital
16 August The Planetarium UniSA, Mawson Lakes
Sept The Cosmetic use of lasers - Medicine, Myth or Moneymaker??
Dr Sue McCoy
21 November Doctors, Devices and Disasters
Dr Joe Dyro, President, Biomedical Resource Group, Setauket, NY


  Manufacturing Intelligence
David Powers, School of Informatics, Flinders University of South Australia
  Dr Colin Carati, School of Medicine, Flinders University of SA
Peter Mathews
9 Nov Out of the Ivory Tower: examining the clay feet of science
Dr Wendy Rogers, Departments of General Practice and Philosophy Flinders University


16 February
15 March
28 April
18 August
10 November
15-19 November
24 November
1 December
Regency Park Centre for Young Disabled
Family picnic day
Visit to Cooper's Brewery
Aircraft Maintenance Facility, ANSETT Aust
Annual General Meeting
AS3003 Seminar
Conference , Tasmania
John Hughes, EPSM98 guest speaker
Christmas Dinner


11 Feb Ventricular Assist Devices
Dr John Woodard
5 Mar The Practical Application of Ergonomics Theory to the Medical Workplace
Mr Michael Patkin
9 Jul

Dr Bruce Swanson, South Australian Health Commission



18 September An evening of Forensic Science
  • Dr James Wallman, Forensic Entomologist, University of Adelaide
  • Dr Sara Jones, Forensic Podiatrist, University of South Australia
  • Dr Lindsay Richards, Forensic Odontologist, University of Adelaide
9 October Equipment Design and Application Issues in Medical Retrieval
Dr Gilligan, Director of Retrieval and Resusitation, RAH
4 November Workshop on AS3551
  • Dr Joel Nobel, President and Founder, ECRI
  • Mr Alex Watson, Director of Biomedical Engineering, Prince Henry/Prince of Wales, NSW
  • Mr Rob Wilkins, Director of Biomedical Engineering, Nth Sydney Area Health Svce, NSW
4 November Improving Medical Device Safety: Lessons from the past
Dr Joel Nobel, President and Founder, ECRI




Updated May 2, 2014