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Council Members - Profiles

Lachlan Eberhard

Lachlan Eberhard, President and Membership Officer

Lachlan has been working for the Biomedical Engineering department of the Royal Adelaide Hospital since 1999. He has completed the Biomedical and Electronics Engineering degree part time at Flinders University in 2011 and also holds an Associate Diploma in Electronics from Regency TAFE.

Lachlan has been a member of the SMBE since 2004 after being the recipient of the Dräger / SMBE encouragement award that year. He enjoys socialising, playing cricket, guitar and his music collection.

Olivia Pallotta

Olivia Lockwood, Immediate Past President & Newsletter Editor

Olivia has been working as a Biomedical Engineer for 10 years. Most of this time has been within the R&D department of the Biomedical Engineering team at Flinders Medical Centre.

She is now working for Flinders Biomedical Enterprises, a firm that has grown out of the biomedical engineering consultancy practices that have been operating out of Flinders Medical Centre for a number of years.

Olivia has also recently completed her doctorate with the Flinders University.

Tony Carlisle

Tony Carlisle, Vice President

I have enjoyed being an SMBE member for many years and I have mostly worked in the biomedical engineering department at Flinders Medical Centre.

Not so long a go I went back to school (Flinders Uni) to complete a biomedical engineering degree and that spurred me on to do further study, so I recently commenced a PhD through Flinders University investigating at some aspects of thermoregulation in newborn babies. This takes a great deal of time but it is very rewarding. I also enjoy a bit of part time lecturing at Flinders Uni on biomedical instrumentation. 




Vera Townsend, Secretary


Daniel Fletcher

Daniel Fletcher, Treasurer

Daniel works in Biomedical Engineering at the Children's and Young Women's Health Service.

He has also spent a year employed in the School of Engineering at Flinders University. His spare time is spent either rockclimbing or bushwalking.


Robin Woolford

Robin Woolford, Councillor/Webmaster

Robin is the SA BME Southern Area Manager. Previous positions were Ass Dir R&D Biomedical Engineering at Flinders Medical Centre, Manager Biomedical Engineering at the Repatriation General Hospital and Senior Technical Officer in Biomedical Engineering at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Robin has been on the council for many years having held positions of President, Secretary, councillor, and newsletter editor.

Adrian Richards (jpg 11KB)

Adrian Richards, Councillor

Adrian, the SA BME Women's and Children's Health Service Area Manager, has been actively involved with the SMBE and other Biomedical Engineering bodies for many years. Adrian also holds the position of president of the Australian Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering.

Other related activities include positions on the national boards of the College of Biomedical Engineers and the Society of Engineering Associates within the Institution of Engineers Australia. In his (little) spare time he in an active cave diver.

Greg Smith

Greg Smith, Councillor

Managing Director of Helicon Technology, a private biomedical engineering firm based in Adelaide. Commenced Helicon Technology 25 years ago.  Interests include music, computers and sailing.    Wants to complete the building of an 11 meter catamaran and cruise a circumnavigation of Australia.  Is keen to foster the interests and disciplines of the biomedical community in South Australia and would like to see a future career path for students from South Australia in medical device design and manufacture.

Maged Shenouda

Maged Shenouda, Councillor

My career in the Biomedical Engineering field started at the I.M.V.S, Engineering services. After 6 months, I moved to the Royal Adelaide Hospital working for the Biomedical Engineering Department. For 6 years I represented Clinical Engineering where I worked and maintained the commercial business for the RAH at the Wakefield and St Andrews Hospitals. Throughout my career I was involved in major projects such as building two new theatres, major hospital redevelopment (Cardiac Unit), upgrading power articulation feed to the hospital as well as upgrading hospital wide patient monitoring systems and hybrid theatres. I am now heading the Biomedical Engineering Department at St. Andrew’s hospital. My Mission is to provide the best biomedical and clinical engineering services to all south Australians.

Hatice Kalkan

Hatice Kalkan, Councillor

Hatice is currently a Clinical Educator for Covidien based in Adelaide. Her background includes 6 years as a Biomedical Engineer with Chemtronics Biomedical Engineering at Ashford Community Hospital, Modbury Hospital as well as Hawkes Bay and Wellington District Health Boards, New Zealand. Hatice has completed the Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering and Science degrees at Flinders University. 

She has been a member of the SMBE SA since 2001 and was elected on the council in 2012 before becoming the current Membership Officer.



Past Council Members

Michael Ledgard

Michael Ledgard 

New councillor nominated to SMBE council in 2005. Michael is a Biomedical Engineer, working at the Women's and Children's Hopspital after graduating from the Flinders University in 2004. Michael has worked on a vast array of medical devices over the past year and is specialising in Neonatal Intensive Care equiment.

He has recently been elected as a committee member on the SMBE and is thoroughly involved with the Society. He enjoys water and snow sports, a good Cab Sauv. or Shiraz and hits a pretty mean golf ball with a single figure handicap.

Anne-Louise Smith

Anne-Louise Smith, Webmaster

Anne-Louise is a Biomedical Engineer in the Research & Development Group at Flinders Medical Center where they are keen to foster commercialisation of biomedical devices.    She has mainly been involved in the clinical support aspect of Biomedical Engineering since graduating from Swinburne Institute in 1984.  She has also worked in London, Brunei and, most recently Malaysia where she was part of the ECRI team advising the Ministry of Health on biomedical maintenance services to all the public hospitals.  A recent newcomer to Adelaide she is still learning where all the good coffee and food is to be found.

Darren Kohlhagen (jpg 9KB)

Darren Kohlhagen

Darren is currently a Service Engineer for Draeger Australia and has been in this position for 2 years. Previous background includes 6 years as a Biomedical Engineering Technician at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and has completed the Diploma in Biomedical Engineering at Flinders University. He has been a SMBE member for the past 7 years and was recently elected as a councillor.



Briony Williams

Briony is a Biomedical Engineer working as a Biomedical Technical Officer in the Communications Engineering Department of the SA Ambulance Service (SAAS).  Her main role at SAAS is the repair and maintenance of Defibrillators and Resuscitation Simulators and Manikins.  Briony graduated from Flinders University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering and also jointly won the SMBE Outstanding Honours Project Award in 2006.  Her career goal is to one day specialise in Cardiac Imaging. Briony enjoys gardening, cooking, a good drop of wine and a hot cappuccino.

Ray Liddle

Ray Liddle, Vice President

Manager, Clinical Engineering, Royal Adelaide Hospital since 1972, Ray has been involved in the SMBE since the same year.  His interests include restoring cars, wine appreciation and snow skiing.

John Kirby (jpg 17KB)

John Kirby Previous Webmaster

John has worked at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital since 1976 in various capacities within Biomedical Engineering.  Since 1996 he has been the Multi Media Officer with responsibility for Telehealth applications within the North Western Adelaide Health Service together with being Webmaster for both Intranet and  the Internet site.   

John has since moved to Government Information Communication Services as a Project Manager responsible for managing whole of government video conferencing and web projects.  John has been Treasurer of the SMBE since 1985, awarded Honorary Life Membership of the SMBE in August 2001 and is also a Board member and Treasurer of the Australasian Teleconferencing Association.
Outside interests are sailing and line dancing and lawn bowls.




Updated April 24, 2013